Top Charities in Australia

There are countless worthwhile charities that do remarkable well in helping humanity. Through legitimate charities, any amount as little as $25 can bring back somebody’s vision. This usually helps most people in third world countries which are still struggling economically. However, not all charities are worthwhile. For this particular reason, we have compiled a list of top charities in Australia where your donations can really help those in need.

Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation is a non-profit organization that distributes durable insecticide-treated bed nets to keep people safe from contracting malaria. Malaria is a very terrible disease and can cause someone to have a condition a bit worse than the flu for two weeks or more. Patients suffer sore muscles, fever, headache, diarrhea and a general feeling of being really sick. The foundation provides the nets at a cost of about $5 per net which is inclusive of all operational costs.


GiveDirectly is one of the top charities in Australia since it gives unconditional cash transfers to the poorest families they can find, mostly in rural Kenya. All this is done via mobile phone payments. 85% of the money donated goes directly to participants of the program. Through a randomized controlled trial on their work, Givedirectly found quite a considerable increase in short-term consumption, mostly food and evident negative impacts such as increased tobacco and alcohol intake. Those who receive the donation in the form of cash, usually set up investments that have high profit e.g. using tin roof which does not need repair regularly unlike thatched roofs.

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

The organization collaborates with sub-Sahara African governments to develop and upgrade mass de-worming programs to get rid of intestinal worms from people. They mainly distribute praziquantel which is a drug that is used to treat schistosomiasis and albendazole for roundworm, lymphatic filariasis and hookworms at a cost of $0.68 per person treated.

Some of the effects that are present in this $0.68/person program are pretty encouraging .They include 25% increase in income, 25% increase in school attendance and an progress on tests of literacy and numeracy and 2.4g/L increase in haemoglobin, which carries oxygen. Low levels of haemoglobin may lead to anemia and cause weakness, fatigue and breathlessness.

Charities that operate in the developing world make good use of what you can donate there. This is mainly because governments in the developing world have a guarantee of a basic minimum of income and health care. As a donor in Australia, avoid charities that help you a little bit. Use the above list to pick the top charities in Australia where you can donate.

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Increase Your Philanthropic Spirit With The Best Charity Institutions in Australia

Are you in Australia and feeling sufficiently philanthropic? If yes, then you are probably searching for the best charity institutions. We have taken the liberty of highlighting a few with a hope that they will help you feel more inspired to give.

charityAustralian Red Cross
The Australian Red Cross is well known for their blood service and disaster work. They are also dedicated towards feeding the hungry people and supporting persons with mental disorders. They also deal in sheltering homeless people, helping communities be stronger, figuring out how to reduce crime and guides young people towards their physical and mental wellness, provides support to refugees in community detention. The list goes on and on. They are doing a fantastic job for a better Australia.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation
The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is focussed in making a positive difference in the lives of Torres Strait Islander and Australian Aboriginal children by aiming to improve their literacy levels. They strongly believe that education is the key for a bright future. At a very young age, a child can positively engage with books and learning environments.

Australian Men’s Shed Association
The Australian Men’s Shed is a place where like-minded people can connect with each other. The shed acts as a hub to share ideas independently. It is more like a mental health initiative. There are many old and retired men out there and this place is particularly for them to connect, engage and make things. The shed has proved to be great relief to men and they will be less prone to mental illness.

Lifeline provides 24/7 crisis support. There are many out there who are stressed and depressed and might be thinking about suicide. One call to this organization might be a life saver. They provide self help tools and suicide prevention counselling. They are one among the BEST CHARITY INSTITUTIONS IN AUSTRALIA. They also do charity works in many parts of the country. They gather old giveaway stuffs like shirt or pants, and then they sell it to poor people at very cheap prices. This money is used to maintain their hotline centers which benefit everyone, especially those who are stressed out.

Fitted For Work
Fitted For Work is one of the BEST CHARITY INSTITUTIONS IN AUSTRALIA. They focus in providing financial independence to women. So many women in Australia live in a life of abuse. Fitted For Work aims at making a difference in their lives by helping them gain self esteem and boost their confidence. They guide them to establish their goal of sustainable employment. They offer 100% free services like interview preparation, mentoring, work experience, personal outfitting and a wide range of transition work and employment programs. This is a remarkable charity institution that helps in transforming the lives of helpless women.

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How to Safely Donate Money to a Charity Association

Top charity organizations for orphans are a great source of help for those in need, whether for countries during a disaster or to help individuals down on their luck in local areas who are orphans. However, one must be very careful today in selecting any charity association to which one donates funds. For, not all of these organizations are out to help people, in some instances they are set up as a front through which to fund either domestic or international terrorists. To this end, always check out any organization before donating any money or time to same.charity_love

One way to protect oneself from such a situation is to visit the office of any organization one is donating funds to. Also, one may also want to visit one or more of the benefiting parties to better understand where and how their donations are being used. This way one can see first hand how the organization operates and what their beneficiaries are doing with the funds. To this end, one knows their donated funds are going in the direction in which they were intended.

Fortunately, when it comes to a need for donations, a variety of charitable firms exist. Some of these help the homeless and the hungry while others help the sick and dying. Of course, there are also those who build homes and schools, establish clinics in third world countries and those that provide food, gifts and clothing to those in need worldwide. To this end, regardless of the amount one can give, all donations are appreciated and the recipients, more grateful than most will ever know.

Also, before donating money or time, one need also be sure the charity fund is set up through legal channels. Not only because one needs to know where their contributions are being distributed to but also to assure individuals get the proper tax deduction with regards to their donations. Regulations have been set up accordingly to avoid the funneling of charitable funds to terrorist organizations.

Therefore, as long as one takes the proper steps, one can see great personal as well as some financial gain through giving to a charity. While it is hard to give to charity for some, others benefit greatly both personally and financially. To this end, for those who can afford to make charitable contributions, they not only give, but they also get back.

To this end, as the general rule on deductions has changed in some countries, it is more important now than ever to understand such laws and regulations before making a charitable contribution. Still, giving to charity is always a noble act. Therefore, give, just be sure and keep any receipts for such donations and if applicable know all laws and regulations before filing any associated tax paperwork. Follow these guidelines and one can rest assured the funds donated to top charity organizations for orphans will be distributed to countries and individuals that are truly in need of assistance.

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A Life Lesson – Donating to Charity

Showing compassion to others through giving is one of the greatest virtues. There is plenty to give. Apart from money, you can offer your time, resources, energy, love and even talent. Giving to charity has numerous benefits. No greater joy than making someone in need happy. Other personal benefits include enhanced mental and emotional benefits. Whatever you give, you condition yourself to receive in future, in one way or another.


Donating your finances is like donating part of your energy. Such kind of donation is appreciated for it gives the receiver an option to spend according to their needs, as you earn tax deductions. For the purposes of tax deductions, however, ensure you are getting a receipt. Donating away cash is benevolent for some people prefer giving their hard earned cash to save a life rather than giving to the government in the form of taxes.

That dollar could be life and death to someone. It could be the only hope for a child somewhere to celebrate another day above the ground. If you have unused clothes or used clothes which are still in perfect condition, winter wear, or even shoes, you can donate to deprived children, old men and women through an organization and earn a certificate. That kitchen appliance or that old furniture could help bring a smile to someone in need.

The world we are living in is full of pain and suffering. A day never passes without horrific images of victims of terrorism, tsunamis, hunger and fires. Our children do take a notice (even if they won’t tell it). You can use this opportunity to cultivate the spirit of giving while teaching them the importance of showing compassion to others. Want your children grow into responsible adults? Advice them to save some cash in a piggy bank, not to buy cookies but for a more worthy cause.

Children gear up for the holiday weeks months in advance. For some, it is a time to spend time with their friends, play and relax. But this all can be achieved in a more worthy cause if you involve them in choosing an organisation and when the holiday time comes, you be part of a charity program as a family. The benefits of giving are not only personal. They are mystical as well as religious. Teach your children to extend a hand of help and grow into responsible adults. It is fulfilling.

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Valuable Tips On Choosing a Family Lawyer In Sydney Australia

Choosing a good family lawyer can be extremely challenging. This is because there aren’t laid down procedures to tell whether a lawyer is fully qualified to handle a wide range of legal matters that are in the domain of a family lawyer. Unlike other branches of legal practice, family lawyers to most clients are for small but crucial and emotional decisions like divorce, adoption, child support, parenting time, acts as a mediator in dispute resolution, petitioning for restraining orders, spousal support, and the likes. But “what exactly does it take to have family lawyers, family law in Sydney Australia to be handled by an expert?” Discussed below are the best ways of identifying good family lawyers.

Well versed in all aspects of family law

Family lawyers should have a wide knowledge of many areas of family law. Experience, skills and above all academic qualification are invariably vital in any legal matter. Adoption, child support, restraining orders relationship breakdown all impinges heavily on many areas of family law. The lawyer should also know when to seek advice or help from other lawyers in handling matters that aren’t into his main domain like criminal law, bankruptcy, property law, to tax law among other law specialties. A good family lawyer should also liaise with the client’s financial planner and accountant to seek advice and ensure that the client’s financial goals are in line with the approach being taken in a family law matter.

Ability to keep top family secrets

Although lawyers usually swore an oath of secrecy, this doesn’t automatically work and has time and again proved not to fool proof. A family lawyer should prove true to his professions requirement and holds dear to the principle of secrecy. This will ensure client being at ease and divulge all his secrets to the lawyer. We all know that most families have deep secrets that are kept at the bottom Pandora’s Box. For a family lawyer to fully discharge his mandate, all the relevant information must be made available. A client might find it surprising at the amount of information or detail a lawyer needs. It’s thus very important that before one appoints a family lawyer, he should consider the level of comfort you have with the lawyer. Also, remember that different legal cases require different levels of personal information or detail.

Holds dear to professionalism

A good family lawyer no doubt needs to be sympathetic and sensitive to a client’s circumstance. However, the lawyer doesn’t always have to agree with the client. A good lawyer should hold true to his profession and provide sound legal advice while holding dear to the interest of his client. Remember, it’s always advisable to listen to a lawyer’s point of view, and a good lawyer will advise a client’s in a professional way and not as a sycophant. Lawyers aren’t paid so that they can agree with a client’s point of view even if it’s wrong and can lead to a legal loss. So identifying a family lawyer who can give an independent opinion rather than agreeing with a client on every matter is important.

Keenly observing the above points will definitely lead to good family lawyers, family law in Sydney Australia.

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How Youths Can Start A Charity

Around the world many people especially children are suffering because of poverty and poor living conditions coupled with the fact that their governments have literally abandoned them. Basic necessities like food, shelter, good clothing to more important things like healthcare and education are hard to come by for these people. Their plight has however not gone unnoticed as over the years caring and goodhearted people have started charity organizations with the aim of improving the lives of these poor and deprived children. Charity organizations are run through and depend on donations from well wishers and volunteers to run the their day to day activities. The youth have always played an important role in changing the conditions of these poor children by not only donating money and supplies but also by volunteering in the welfare programs and doing the more hands on work like taking part in distributing of supplies. But youth can play an even bigger role, they can start their own charity organizations as they’re in a better position to run charity organizations because of their flexible schedules. So how can youth start a charity?charity_youth

There are several ways in which youth can start or contribute to charity and here are some of them:

1. Contributing to existing organizations

For youths to start a charity, registering an organization is not really necessary. They can approach an already existing organization and find ways in which they can help in furthering their cause. One way to do so is by collecting old clothes from friends and classmates for those in school and donating them. Social media can be used to organize this and people can be notified where to take their donations. Another way is for tech savvy youth who can help organizations with their online presence, be it building their websites or maintaining their social media accounts.

2. Starting an organization

An even more important and powerful way is to register an organization. Before starting an organization you should decide which particular people its going to help, be it the homeless, orphans or destitute people in Africa and other places in the world. Then go through the usual registration process and start asking people for donations. One effective way of getting donations is through the use of social media where other youths can be reached out for donations. Having a website for your organization linked up with a money transfer service is a good way to make it easy for people to donate.

3. Organizing charity events

Youths love festivals and shows and organizing events or shows where the proceeds are donated to charity is an effective way of being charitable. The events could be held at regular intervals for example monthly and be advertised as charity events. A well known musician can be invited to hype up and attract more people to the show which means more donations that will go to improve the lives of poor people.

For a better world, it is important for us to be our brother’s keepers and youth can lead the way in making the world a better place by taking part in charity. If you were wondering how youth can start a charity, then hopefully this article has provided you with adequate information.

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One Research Foundation


Established in 1993, ONE Research Foundation is one of the leading biomedical research institutes in Australia. The ONE Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with pioneering study into several diseases affecting the human body system today including disorders of the immune system, stress, acne, psoriasis, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness  and much more. The foundation is made up of individuals who are dedicated to make significant contributions to medical research. These researches are designed to have long lasting, positive impact on the healing of the mind and body. ONE strives to develop research programs that combines natural, noninvasive treatment methods with strong clinical interactions.

Established by Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), The ONE Research Foundation’s mission is to provide scientific research that will change the directions of science and medicine towards improving physical, emotional and physiological conditions of the human body. NET is one of the safest and most effective interventions used to regulate and stabilize a wide range of stress related conditions such as chronic pain, organ dysfunctions, allergies, neurological, musculoskeletal and immunological conditions.

Over the past few years, ONE has published over 25 studies in peer-reviewed journals. With a focus on making highly effective natural methods of health care treatment available to the general public, ONE was set up to encourage scientific research, showcase the great works of medical professionals and also create public awareness on the health and healing benefits of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). The research works conducted by this non-profit organization is funded by generous donations and contributions of ONE’s members. ONE has trained and helped develop the skills of over 8,000 professional healthcare practitioners from different parts of the world including Medical Physicians, Osteopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, and Psychotherapists among others.

Dr. Peter Bablis, a renowned personality in the field of Mind Body Medicine, is the Director and the Research Chair of this non-profit research foundation. Peter Bablis is well known for using natural treatment methods to prevent and treat various health-related conditions.  Advanced research works by Peter Bablis and his team has contributed to the success of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) as a safe and effective intervention applicable to all forms of disorders. Peter Bablis is consistently working towards taking natural healing to a whole new level.

In recent years, significant breakthroughs have been achieved by the foundation’s medical professionals in treating and healing of stress related conditions such as chronic pain, organ dysfunctions, allergies, neurological, musculoskeletal and immunological conditions.

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Getting Started on Sewing Your Own Stuff

Hey there, if you are interested in sewing your own things but still have no idea where to start, well listen up because listed here are some tips on how you can do things. First of all is that you need to look into sewing machines so that you can pick out what is best for you. For this, you will need to know what kind of sewing you want to do. Besides, there are different types of sewing machines.

sewingNext to this is that you will need to learn how to thread a sewing machine the right way. The thing to consider is that sewing machines are built in different manners. To know the types of the machine you are interested, you need to read through the specifications. If a manual is available, then it is the best source of information that you can use. Some of the things that should be considered in threading a machine are needle sizes, capacity to stitch buttons and the capacity to stitch elastic to cloth. This aspect will provide you basic information that is all too important for you.

After getting yourself the machine that you think is right for you and learning how to thread it, the next thing you will have to do is to take on your very first sewing project. Now for this aspect, sewing machines should be broken in by creating just simple and minor patterns on a small piece of cloth.  After doing a little practice round, you can now proceed to creating your very first true project. The most basic of these projects is a drawstring backpack. This is an easy project because all you need to have is a big piece of cloth and string that you will use to draw it with.

The kind of fabric that you will be using will play an important part in the outcome of your first sewing project. Discount fabrics are good to start with since they do not cost that much and if you are not satisfied with the result, it will not hurt your wallet so much.

Now if your project requires some machine quilting, you might have to gather information about the quilting capacity of the machine you have chosen. There are specifications that are meant for quilting that are sometimes not built in regular machines. The foot presser and machine modes are very different from regular machines.

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Freedom from child trafficking!

childtrafficChild trafficking in the U.S. is widespread. Almost every state in the U.S. had fair share children being exploited and abused physically and emotionally.

What is child abuse?

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) defines child abuse as; the recruitment of a person for sex trafficking by force. Threats of physical or psychological harm to children and/or their families are used to coerce them. Anyone engaged in commercial sex before the age of 18 is a victim. This epidemic is only second to drug smuggling.

Statistics of different aspects of child abuses show us how potent and imminent this threat is for children. Child help state that there are over three million cases over child abuse in U.S. alone. Another shocking news is 39% of children were abused by the family and 56% are abused by an acquaintance of the child or family, and only 5% were abused by the strangers.

Cause for Child abusing?

As per research, children from poor families are the most vulnerable to trafficking. They fall to the hands of traffickers without their knowledge. Traffickers take advantage of their poor situation by enticing them with money and job opportunities.

It is very important to help an abused child and give them the necessary care they deserve. Fortunately, there are various organizations focused on preventing child abuse.
The charities below do extensive work and by helping them; you ensure protection to the child.

Stop the Traffik:

These are the activists who are passionate to build resilient communities and prevent human trafficking. Their focus is to build a traffik free world.

Love 146:

Love146 ensures holistic care through expert advocates. Love146 survivor program also has a rapid-response program where the survivors are given urgent response by having a conversation with them and educating about the dangers.

Hope for Justice:

Hope for Justice provides restorative care after identifying and rescuing victims. They advocate on their behalf and rebuild their lives through professionals who can tackle slavery.


Through education and awareness, A21 prevents human trafficking. Through restoration programs, it protects the victims. It also prosecutes human traffickers for justice.


Polaris provides National Human Trafficking Resource Center and provides victims to be free. The Palette Fund in Polaris has pledged to match all donation dollars for dollar, up to $10, 500!

Prevent Child Abuse America:

PCAA promotes the healthy development of children and prevents child abuse before it can occur. To help children to grow up and contribute to their communities, it takes all preventive measures possible.

In essence, child abuse is one of the biggest growing problems in U.S. and many other parts around the world. However, the preventive and caring measures are in place to stop child traffik. It is a serious social disturbance, and we all should take every possible action to get rid of this activity from the society.

What should you do?

As an individual be informed about trafficking, report trafficking, help by fundraising and supporting in various other activities for the organizations which fight against child trafficking.

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Making the Perfect Day More Memorable

Weddings are one of the most important events in the life of a person. It is the moment where two individuals become one and this changes their lives completely. That is why there is never a shortage of studios focusing on wedding photos Sydney. To perfectly capture the moment, you should hire only the best wedding team since this is typically a once-in-a-lifetime event.

What to look for

weddingpairOne of the first things you need to look for in a good team that specializes in wedding photos Sydney is the quality of their pictures. This is easy enough to find; in most cases, they have a website that showcases all of their works and pictures. You can try skimming through these to get an idea on the quality. When looking for a photographer wedding Sydney, you are not just looking at the shot, if their camera is good, or how good they are at photoshop. What you are looking for is the connection of the picture to the people: does the picture convey emotion, do you feel the connection of the subject to the audience, etc.

Another thing you need to look out for is how imaginative they are. There are literally thousands and thousands of weddings happening and there are hundreds of studios. This means that if they really want to stand out, they need to take on the request with a little more imagination than the rest. They need to be different from the rest but in a good way. One of the biggest mess-ups of a wedding photo is trying to be too creative and ending miserably in the process.

Searching for the best one

It’s easy to take pictures of events; anyone that has an expensive camera and has a bit of knowledge about photography taking can take a picture. However, what separates the good wedding photos Sydney team from the mediocre ones are their professionalism and quality. Aside from looking at their sample photos, you should also look for customer reviews. The pictures that they display on their websites will obviously be their best ones. However, if they have a bad track record and only produce a good photo once every ten shots, then you are merely wasting your money. You need to look for a trustworthy Sydney wedding photographer and a team, and you can only determine this if their previous customers are satisfied with what they got.

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